Eid is here, praise be to the Almighty for sparing our lives. If you already have it in mind to slaughter a ram as the usual practice for Eid –ul-Adha and you keep wondering if the after dividing the meat into three parts, and sharing the first part out as charity, the second part as gifts and the last part for yourself and family, what variety of beef recipes can you prepare with yours? then it's good you are here.
Here are 5 important beef recipes you can choose from in order to maximize the use and tastes of beef  you will desire:
Beef Steaks Source: Seriouseats.com

  •          Beef Steak: it’s a meat generally sliced across the muscle fibers, grilled, broiled or fried. Cut your beef flat, and grill them to get that best beef steak you will like.
  •        Suya/ Tsire: Suya is popularly known in Northern Nigeria and other African countries. You might decide to get a very flat cut of your beef, marinate in suya spice, peanut, salt, or other flavouring and then barbecued. Eat with vegetables to get a healthy food.
  • Suya preparation

  •          Mince Beef: Get some parts of your beef, wash them, and get them minced. The minced beef could be used for making Veggie-minced beef mix, or as snacks, such as mince pies, samosa, and others. (Read More Here: http://www.fatisticinfo.com/2017/08/veggie-minced-beef-recipe-new_23.html )
  • Veggie Minced-Beef Mix
  •           Dambu: It is originally from northern Nigeria, and include shredded, pounded, seasoned and deep-fried beef mixture. It can be eaten alone or added to soups to add variety to your taste.
  • Dambu Source: Funke Koleosho.blogspot.com
  • Kilishi: This is the dried form of suya,  made from deboned meat from cow, sheep or goat. The meat is sliced into sheets of one metre or less and dried. It can be marinated in a mixture of spices, ground onions, salt, water and sometimes honey. It is then allowed to dry for hours, and after which it is roasted. It can last many months, and it's delicious too.

Kilishi Source:Greennews.ng
Here are my choice recipes you can try out on your meats, and be sure to eat healthy this period, exercise more to get rid of those excess calories that may come with eating enough foods and have a great Eid celebration. Eid Mubarak from my kitchen to yours, have a Blessed Eid.
August 22nd is normally set aside in celebrating World Jollof rice day. This day help us showcase what jollof is all about and why it is worth celebrating.
Nigerian Jollof rice is made by preparing rice in rich tomato and pepper sauce, and best eaten with chicken, plantains, salads and sometimes bean pudding (moin- moin). It is popularly served at homes, events and parties.
Fati's Jollof rice

In support of this day, I present to you, 5 ways Jollof rice had showed us Pepper:

  • That moment when you needed to wash the peppers you needed to prepare your jollof, and some pepper mistakenly got into your eyes, you were like, all because of Jollof? 
  • That moment when your Jollof rice wasn't soft enough, but all your sauces had got burnt, oh so painful
  • That moment you actually wanted to prepare Jollof but the ingredients you had weren't enough, you just had to eat concoction rice anyways, rice na rice.. lol..😁
  • That moment when you have made up your mind to eat jollof rice at an occasion, but on getting there, the servers told you the last batch of Jollof was just served to an earlier guest, ouch, how painful..Just manage amala and ewedu joor..😁
  • That moment when you bought that reddish looking Jollof rice at a restaurant, and when you tasted it, you found out that it was not tasty enough and you were like you just wasted your money all because of JOLLOF RICE!
Jollof styling...

Now, you know how important our Jollof rice is to us, it had showed us pepper and when we conquered all our Jollof fears and Jollof is made, then be sure that Jollof War is set to happen and its only you and your belly that would intervene 😂.
It might interest you to know that, no Jollof like Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Breakfast is a very important meal, and it's the first meal of a day, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work. The word literally refers to breaking the fasting period of the prior night.

The commonest breakfast in most homes is bread and tea, while some would rather prefer heavy meals for breakfast, whichever way, family background, family income, career type and a family's status affect the type of breakfast that would be eaten in a type of home.

Another factor like time required in preparing a breakfast should be considered too, and so a breakfast which makes up of noodles, scrambled eggs in vegetables, and tea will be a very fast and satisfying breakfast idea you need to try.
Scrambled fried eggs

  • Noodles, chilli pepper and seasoning
  • Vegetables (spring onions, Tomatoes)- optional
  • Water (depends on the size of noodles to be cooked)
  •  Eggs 
  • Vegetable oil (for frying your eggs)
  • Salt to taste.
1. Add water to a clean pot, allow to boil and add your washed noodles into it 
2. Leave to boil for 3 minutes, and add seasoning, chilli pepper to it 
3. If you will be using vegetables, add them lastly, and stir well in noodles
4. Allow to simmer for about 3 minutes, and serve with scrambled eggs and tea.
Noodles, scrambled eggs and tea.
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 Starchy foods are generally believed to be taken with stew in Nigeria, I recently thought if this norm could be changed, can our starchy food now go with a veggie minced-beef mix?

Advantages of veggie minced-beef mix include:
*Affordable and ease to prepare
*Less oil is needed
*Vegetables are good source of antioxidants, that aid in destroying free radical, thereby preventing some diseases
Veggie Minced- Beef Mix


  • Minced meat (washed)
  • Vegetables including green peas, green peppers, carrots, spring onions, red peppers
  • Vegetable oil (1 tablespoon)-Optional
  • Salt and seasoning to taste
  • Water
  1. Add oil to your pot and leave it for about 30 seconds to get hot
  2. Add your washed minced meat into the pot containing oil
  3. Stir well, and continue stirring until the meat changes colour to white
  4. Add salt and seasoning to taste and then add your vegetables 
  5. Stir all the mixture well and add one tablespoon of water to prevent the mixture from drying up
  6. Taste to know if you will need to add more seasoning and then turn off heat
  7. Serve with yam, rice or porridge as you wish.

I  hope you will try this recipe out, it will help add variety to your taste. 
Happy Cooking...

Crunchy, soft and yummy, these are the words I can use to best describe my favourite chin-chin.
What kind of taste will you get by adding coconuts to chin-chin? Simply the best and yummy too!
Fati's Coconut chin chin

Coconut chin-chin has the same procedure as chin-chin, but the shredded coconuts are added to the batter before frying.

*All-purpose flour (2 milk cups)
*Butter (4 tablespoons)-melted
*sugar (5 tablespoons)
*A pinch of salt
*Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
*1/2 seed nutmeg
*2 eggs
*shredded fresh coconut(5 tablespoons)
*vegetable oil for frying
*Water (10 ml)
*Milk (powdered or evaporated)

Mixed batter

1. Mix all your dry ingredients in a bowl, without the shredded coconut
2.Add your melted butter to flour and mix well
3. Add your eggs, and mix as well
4. If using powdered milk, mix the powdered milk with water, and add it gently to the dry ingredients
5. Or, add your evaporated milk to the dry ingredients, while combining the batter with your hands
6. Once the batter is not sticky, then it's okay, if not, add flour to it until the batter is no longer sticky.
7. Add the shredded coconuts, and mix well
8. Add enough vegetable oil to pan and allow it get hot for about 5 minutes
9. Fry in batches on medium to high heat, while stirring both sided of the chin-chin, to make sure it's uniformly fried.
10. Serve and enjoy.

Recipe notes:
*If you are making use of evaporated milk, only a little water will be required
*chin-chin needs to be fried in plenty of oil, if not they might get burnt faster
*Place them in baking paper to remove excess oils
*chin-chin need to be fried on medium to high heat to avoid them from soaking up oils faster.

I hope you will try this recipe out.
For recommendations or questions, send them to fatistic_info@yahoo.com.
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This picture showing three men, most likely Chinese sitting inside a pool filled with pepper was spread across social media lately, and my thoughts are, are these the real #pepperthemgang?

It looks like they were even eating the peppers, lol...
I think only time will tell who the real pepper them gang are.

Welcome here! I hope you are all doing great?
I have been very busy lately and that is why I didn't blog here recently..

Gizdodo or will I call mine gizardo is a name given to a dish containing gizzards and plantains in tomatoes & pepper sauce. It is  a Nigerian meal and very delicious, it can be eating with rice, yams, porridge, or beans, and it's satisfying too!

You will need:

  • Gizzards (clean and in cuts)-250 grams
  • Plantains (peeled and cut in almost square shape): 2 pieces
  • Vegetable oil (for frying)-250ml
  • Tomatoes and pepper mix (grated)-5 big tomato es, and about 3 pieces of habanero pepper.
  • Salt and seasoning to taste
  • Water- 1litre( for washing and cooking the gizzards).

Uncooked gizzards


How to:
  1. Add vegetable oil to pot, leave it for 3 minutes to get hot
  2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the plantain cuts
  3. Deep fry the plantains for about 3minutes
  4. Remove the slightly fried plantains from the oil and set aside
  5. In another pot, add water to pot, and add already washed and sliced gizzards into it
  6. Cook for about 8 minutes, and set aside once its cooked
  7. Briefly fry the already cooked gizzards if you like
  8. In a pot or frying pan, add  5 tablespoons of the vegetable oil you have previously used in frying the plantains, and allow it to get hot for about 2 minutes
  9. Add grated tomatoes and pepper mix into the oil, and stir continuously
  10. Add your fried gizzards into the sauce
  11. Add two tablespoons of chicken /gizzards broth to the sauce and stir well
  12. Finally add your fried plantains, and stir all the mixture
  13. Taste to know if there is need to add any salt or seasoning to the gizdodo
  14. Turn off heat, allow to cool and serve.
Slightly fried gizzards and plantains

Recipe Notes:
  • Add plantains lastly to avoid them from getting too soft
  • Finish up gizdodo in little time or preserve by freezing
  • The more the sauce, the more sweet gizdodo tastes
  • If you don't like fried foods, then don't fry your plantains and gizzards at all, it'll also be delicious too!
My yummy dish

If you'll  like to replicate this recipe, please send me a feedback as to, if you liked it, pictures or recommendations to fatistic_info@yahoo.com, or Instagram page @fatiskitchen_ng.

Happy cooking!!!
Couscous is a dish of about 3mm diameter steamed balls of crushed durum wheat semolina usually served with a stew spooned on top, or mixed with vegetables. It is a staple food throughout the North African including Morroco, Algeria, Libya,  Mauritania, and Tunisia. 

The first place I saw couscous was in Northern Nigeria, Kano state, it resembles yellow garri (LOL), but in more consistent shapes. It cannot take much water for long, so it is better to stir-fry it, and it is mostly sold in a 500g pack.
Stir-fry veggie-couscous

You will need:

  • Couscous (250g)
  • Vegetables ( sliced carrots, green beans)
  • Spring onions 
  • Vegetable oil (3 tablespoons)
  • Curry powder (1 teaspoon) -optional
  • Green peppers
  • Beef broth 
  • Salt (To Taste)
  • Seasoning(1 cube)
Couscous and vegetables

How to: 
  1. Wash couscous in slightly hot water, and strain out the water immediately
  2. Set aside
  3. Add vegetable oil in pot, leave it for 3 minutes for it to get hot
  4. Add already washed, sliced spring onions and vegetables to the hot vegetable oil and stir well
  5. Add about 2 tablespoons of beef broth to the vegetables and mix well
  6. Cover the pot to allow the vegetables simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes
  7. Add the couscous to the pot containing the vegetables, and stir in well
  8. Taste to know if there is need to add salt or seasoning to the couscous
  9. Keep stirring the couscous until you are okay with the texture
  10. Turn off heat and allow to cool, serve with salads, beef or chicken as desired.
Recipe Notes:
  • Couscous can become overcooked if parboiled, instead, add hot water to it and strain immediately
  • 250g couscous is enough for two servings
  • Add curry powder only if there is none in your beef broth, or if you are not using beef broth.
If you'll  like to replicate this recipe, please send me a feedback as to, if you liked it, pictures or recommendations to fatistic_info@yahoo.com, or Instagram page @fatiskitchen_ng.
Yummy couscous, beefs and salad

Happy cooking!!!

Hun.... my love for beans and corn is beyond words can explain: I loved it back in my youthful age because I had the opportunity of cooking it with fresh corns, since my dad had a maize plantation that was on his small farm(during most corn seasons), just beside our house.
Although, I don't cook it frequently as I liked due to my change of environment and my inability to get fresh corns, but whenever I get fresh corn, I would put it together with beans and make this recipe I'll be explaining below.
Plaintain-garnished Adalu

Adalu is sweeter when you make it with fresh and soft corn, and it can be eaten alone or together with pap or gari.

Let's head over to the kitchen!

You will need:
3 cups of beans (regular milk cup is about 160grams)
11/2 cups of corn (Already removed from the corn cob)
Water- 1.5 litres
Peppers ( Any type and quantity you desire)
Onion -1 big
Palm oil
Salt and seasoning (To taste).

Most ingredients needed in picture

How To:
  1. Get a clean pot, place it on the stove and put about one litre of water in it (Increase the quantity with increase in measurement of beans and corn)
  2. Add already washed beans in the pot and leave to boil for about 20 minutes (If you are using a pressure cooker, you will need only about 10 minutes)
  3. Set aside once beans are slightly soft
  4. In another pot, place water (0.5l) and add your washed corn inside
  5. Allow it to boil for about 10-15 minutes
  6. Add the cooked beans to the corn and allow to cook together for about 5 minutes, so as to get them mixed together
  7. Get a frying pan, add palm oil into it, and allow it get hot for about 5 minutes
  8. Add grated pepper and onion and allow it fry for about 5 minutes, or until palm oil is seen over the pepper and onion sauce
  9.  Add seasoning to your taste
  10. Add the sauce you have made into the corn and beans mixture and stir in well
  11. Add salt to your taste and stir well
  12. Cover the pot and allow to cook well, so as to reduce the water from the beans and corn if there is much water
  13. Turn off the heat.
  14. Allow to cool and serve with pap, gari, or as desired.
Just before pepper and onion sauce was added

Recipe Notes:
  • The beans should be more than the corn, about 2:1, for example, 4cups of beans to 2 cups of corn
  • Make sure you remove any corn cob remnants from the corn before cooking, you will enjoy the combination by doing this.
  • You might add meat or fish as preferred
  • While adding the beans to the corn, make sure you first reduce the water from the cooked corn (if it's much), and add some water from the beans to the corn.
  • Reserve the unused water from the beans in case you might need to add more water later.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • I hope you will like this recipe and please give me a feedback if you'll be trying this recipe by sending the picture of this recipe you've replicated to asekegbee@gmail.com, or Instagram page fatiskitchen_ng.
Beans and corn garnished with plantains

Learn, cook, and eat!
 Happy Cooking!!!

Moin Moin is a Nigerian food which is normally made by steaming beans pudding over a medium temperature. The beans are normally washed until the testa (Outer skin) peels off completely, grinded, and vegetable oil, fish, eggs, pepper(habanero) and tatashe(red bell pepper) are usually added to the bean paste. The bean paste is then wrapped inside some set of clean container that can stand high temperature of heat, or in MoinMoin leaves/ small polythene bags.

I tried a different method of cooking moinmoin by spreading the bean paste in a baking pan and having it baked, it was really delicious.
I cut into different shapes

Here is what you need:

  • Beans (Measurement depends on the number of servings you want to make)
  • Water
  • Habanero &red ball pepper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt and seasoning (To taste)
  • Crayfish
  • Eggs
  • Fish (Boiled)
  • Baking pan

How to:

  1. Add water to the desired amount of beans you want.
  2. Wash beans until all the skins peel off ( Tips required)
  3. Add all the pepper you need into the washed beans and grind well, the consistency depends on you, either finely smooth or slightly smooth
  4. Add vegetable oil, boiled egg/ and raw egg, mix well
  5. Add fish, salt and seasoning to taste
  6.  Taste the mixture to see if you need to add any other spice you wish
  7. Line your pan with butter/margarine to allow the moinmoin come out easily from the pan, then add the mixture to the baking pan, cover with foil paper completely and set your stove at high and later medium heat to cook.
  8. Check at every 10 minutes to see if you need to change the position of the moi moi order to be sure there make sure the cooking is uniform.
  9. Bake for about 40-45 minutes.
  10. Serve with your favourite pap, bread, or garri.
  • Wash your beans immediately you start soaking them, it's faster and easier to wash beans peels when the beans are still hard.
Washed beans

  • The cooking time depends on the quantity of beans you want to make.
  • Don't make watery bean paste, it won't bake well in the pan.
Grinded beans

Finally, I hope you will try out this baked moinmoin recipe of mine, and please give me a feedback 

 if you liked it, and other recommendations.
Please comment below, we 💛 your comments.

Learn, cook and eat...

Displaced persons in NorthEast Nigeria, especially Borno, are facing food crisis which may lead to famine in the area. This can be attributed to their displacement from their homes, which have affected farming activities in the areas.
Some Children In Northeast Nigeria(Via Answerafrica)

According to Vanguard News, one of the inhabitants, Mohammed, and his family have been displaced for two years, without land to farm, due to the insurgency affecting the area.
Food security is one of the main challenges in this area, as many families cannot either afford the money to purchase foods, or food is less available due to lack of farming and markets.

Although there had been some interventions from many non-governmental organizations by providing cash for food assistance, in addition to long term impact interventions such as vegetable crop production activities (providing seeds for gardening) and small business training.

According to the data from the latest UN Food and Agriculture Organisation Global Early Warning report, the potential impact of the ongoing violence has restricted livelihood activities and caused the disruption of normal supply to markets in the Lake Chad basin, which also has affected the access to food in the region.
An estimated 8.5 million people need humanitarian assistance in Nigeria, while about two million people are suffering from acute malnutrition, including 450,000 children. Also, a total of 1.9 million people has been displaced from their homes in the northeast Nigeria.

The rainy season is expected to worsen humanitarian access already greatly restricted in the conflict affected areas, and this poses a risk of famine in the area. The affected areas which is in the Lake Chad Basin region, include, Borno, Adamawa and Yobe State.

from Vanguard News.

I am pleased to tell you that I (Fatima Salami-Suleiman) named this soup called EFOROTAIN.
Sometime in May, I sat and thought about the soups we eat with other solid foods, apart from swallows(eba, fufu, pounded-yam) in Nigeria, and efo (Vegetable) came to my mind. My thoughts about how people will like to eat vegetables with rice, beans, or yam, aside from swallows, brought about eforotain.

What is eforotain?
It is a combination of efo or efo-riro with plantains, spiced up with meats, fish and sometimes kpomo(Cow skin), which can be used in eating rice, beans, yam, porridge or it may serve as a meal too.
My Award-Winning Eforotain.

What you will need:

  • Vegetables (Soko or tete or spinach) (Sliced)
  • meat/fish/ponmo/stockfish (as desired)
  • Crayfish (grated)
  • Salt, seasoning (To your taste)
  • Beef stock or chicken stock
  • Palm oil
  • Tomato, onion and pepper mix (Grated)
  • Locust beans, Parkia biglobosa or Iru or Dawadawa, acts as a condiment
  • Unripe or ripe plantains.
Pictures of most ingredients needed.

How to:
  • Peel the plantains and slice them in large cube shape
  • Fry moderately in hot palm oil
  • Set aside
  • Wash your already sliced vegetables
  • Place pot on the stove, add palm oil, and allow the oil heat up a little, for about 5 minutes
  • Add sliced onions in order to reduce any smell from the palm oil, if there's any
  • Add Tomato, onion and pepper mix (Grated)
  • Allow to fry for about 5 minutes or until oil is over the sauce
  • Add locust beans to the sauce and stir well
  • Add crayfish to the sauce as well, and stir well
  • Add chicken/ beef broth
  • Add chicken/beef/fish/ponmo to the sauce
  • Add the vegetables and stir well
  • Add fried plantains to the soup and stir it well
  • Add salt and seasoning to your taste.
  • Turn off the heat immediately because you want medium-cooked vegetables, that will not overdone
  • Serve with any solid food of your choice.
Just before it was served!

  • The quantity of ingredients you will need depends on the quantity of vegetables you want to cook 
  • Don't overcook your vegetables, it denatures the proteins and vitamins in them
  • Finish up vegetables within a very short period of time, fresh vegetables are sweeter and more nutritious.
Final notes:
I hope you will like to prepare this recipe and please send me a feedback as to how it tasted, if you liked it, and other recommendations.

Happy Cooking!!!

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I was opportuned to attend this July's Kano food festival, and it was a good one, kudos to the organizers.

This is what I was able to come up with...

The Kano Food Festival is an event/gathering that showcases different food styling talents of some food vendors in Kano State, Nigeria, aimed at connecting interested buyers to sellers. Aside this, it also creates an avenue in which food vendors in Kano State connect, and get familiar with themselves.

Considering the recession, the entry fee was not bad, N500, as many people had the opportunity to attend.

According to one of the organisers, this is the third edition of its kind since its inception.

Some moments captured in pictures:

 Food majorly showcased were buttercream cakes, small chops/ fingerfoods, which include, samosas, spring rolls, drinks were in surplus, beef and chicken suya, and more.

The moment that captured me most was seeing a lady showing her suya-making talents...It was good to the sight...
The suya lady

It gave me the opportunity to meet new friends and we also discussed issues relating to running a successful food business in Kano State.
I wish more of this kind of events will come up sooner.
If you attended, what's your take on improvement that needs to be looked into for more successful events like this one.

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                                                             NEVER GIVE UP!

Setting up goals one wishes to achieve is possible when one gets stronger no matter the odds that comes with it. The secret of success is never to give up, staying focused and having a good sense of hope no matter the circumstance. 

Here is a story that describes why we should never give up on our aspirations and dreams:

Colonel Harland Sanders was fired from a variety of jobs throughout his career before he first started cooking chicken in his roadside Shell Service Station in 1930, when he was 40 years old, during the Great Depression. His gas station didn’t actually have a restaurant, so he served diners in his attached personal living quarters.
Over the next 10 years, he perfected his “Secret Recipe” and pressure fryer cooking method for his famous fried chicken and moved onto bigger locations. His chicken was even praised in the media by food critic Duncan Hines. However, as the interstate came through the Kentucky town where the Colonel’s restaurant was located in the 1950s,
 It took away important road traffic, and the Colonel was forced to close his business and retire essentially broke. Worried about how he was going to survive off his meager $105 monthly pension check, he set out to find restaurants who would franchise his secret recipe—he wanted a nickel for each piece of chicken sold. He drove around, sleeping in his car, and was rejected more than 1,000 times before finally finding his first partner.
Never give up

External sources: https://www.themuse.com/advice/9-famous-people-who-will-inspire-you-to-never-give-up

The picture of a man's success story shared by a twitter user shows why we should never give up on our dreams. The man was a pump attendant at a filling station in 1999, and in 2017, is now a Finance manager.

Things might be tough now but, with consistency, hardwork and reliance upon The Almighty, things will turn out the best for us.

Twitter story below:

Its up to you!

Whichever mood you decide to be in, wheather being happy or sad, gloomy or excited, moody or stable… all these are options that are presented to you everyday.You just have to make the right choice.
Its up to you to decide which mood you want to be in, but choose well because this will definitely affect how much progress you can achieve today.

The biggest sources of motivation are your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win regardless of your mood.

Wishing you success always...

The United Nations said the world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, issuing a plea for help to avoid “a catastrophe.”
UN humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien, said more than 20 million people are facing the threat of starvation and famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.
 BBC reports, UNICEF has already warned 1.4m children could starve to death this year.
Mr. O’Brien said $4.4bn (£3.6bn) was needed by July to avert disaster.
“We stand at a critical point in history,” Mr. O’Brien told the Security Council on Friday. “Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations. Development gains reversed. Many will be displaced and will continue to move in search for survival, creating ever more instability across entire regions.”
Mr. O’Brien’s comments follow on from a similar appeal made by UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, last month.
At that time, he revealed the UN had only received $90m (£74m) so far in 2017, despite generous pledges.
Like Mr. O’Brien, he urged more financial support for the four countries.

               Our Success Stories.
Every successful person has a success story to tell. Achieving success comes with hardwork, patience, and some failure and behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort, a setback or a radical change of direction.

Success is less a matter of innate talent and more of perseverance, a willingness to stumble and stand up again and again.

Everyone's desire is to tell his /her success story, but its not possible unless we are willing to start doing something that will bring success, continue in it no matter any condition, and put our hope in The Almighty.

I hope one day, we will all sit and remember all the struggles we've gone through, and tell our success stories. 

Wishing you the best success always..

What are your goals?

Define your goals to attain your strength
Develop your plans to accomplish your aims
Desire for the best, work hard, and never be distressed
Don't mind those that are ready to discourage you
Demonstrate your plans even if it's not perfect
Dedication to your goals, motivation, and action are all needed in the journey called 'success'
Don't be deceived by what people will say, you are an authority in your domain
Do your best, depend on The Almighty, and I wish you the best
Don't forget to answer the question, What are your goals?

This is an original message from me to you! See you at the top and wishing you success always.
               Keep Moving Forward

Once you start a race, you need to keep moving in order to reach the finishing line. In order to achieve our goals, we need to put our confidence into our aim, start already, and keep moving forward.

A lot of obstacles are ahead any achievable success, but the moment you feel like giving up is the best time to keep moving forward.

You might get discouraged by so many failures ahead, but once you get stressed, just look back to see how far you have come, and you will know why you should keep moving forward.

If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.- Martin Luther King Jr.

Achieving success comes with a great deal of determination, with some few set-backs, but by taking the journey one step at a time, with hard work, and having faith in The Almighty, we can achieve the best we desire.

Be inspired, stay focused, and I wish you the best!

If you don't motivate your self, then who would? Staying motivated is a struggle, and we need it in order to keep moving forward. Our determination towards success is sometimes filled with anxiety and negative thoughts or doubts, but by keeping in mind the success we want to achieve, our zeal will keep us going.

We need to know how to nurture our motivating thoughts, so that they don't get displaced by negative thoughts.
Self motivation keeps life in its positive path. No matter what people say or do to hurt or harm you, remember that being self motivated will always give you the boost to stand above all of them...     A thought by Provinth Deepon.

Note that the major reasons why we lose motivation include, lack of confidence, lack of action and motivational thoughts that lack direction. You need to build your confidence towards your chosen plan, take action towards it immediately and remember, delay is dangerous. Also, get a direction or way you will take to achieving your desired result.

The journey through achieving ones success is inevitably filled with low energy, few disappointments, and some occasional failure, but your determination, confidence, speed of action, and direction, will make your success journey smooth. Most importantly, seek the help of The Almighty in whatever you want to do. I hope this will help you get self- motivated?

Wishing you success always!

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